Systems Support, Grant Assistance, Applications
Highly competent technical staff and students are available on a short, mid- and long-term basis to provide dedicated support for departmental and external funded research. RCC staff and students can quickly advance the technical portions of sponsored research, because they already familiar with the local and regional computing and data storage infrastructure.

High Performance Computing

FSU HPC Cluster
The High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster comprises computing resources well suited for distributed memory parallel computations. The FSU HPC Cluster is made up of individual servers linked together by high performance networks.


Large Scale Data Storage
RCC supports three storage systems. We provide a general purpose, mobile friendly, web enabled general storage platform called "NoleStor". We also provide two cost effective high performance, large capacity data storage systems to facilitate data analysis pipelines and workflows

Spear Cluster

Interactive Computing and Visualization
The Spear Cluster is designed to facilitate interactive data analyses and visualization of large datasets. The Spear Cluster is made up of individual servers linked together by high performance networks.

Condor Cluster

High Throughput Computing
The Condor system is designed to maximize throughput rather than performance; hence, the system is often referred to as a High Throughput Computing (HTC) system. The system is also opportunistic in that it is available on a first-come-first served basis only when the systems are not being used by their primary owners.

SKY System

Virtual Computing Platform
The Sky System is a cloud computing platform built on OpenStack to allow quick deployment of web, database, and other systems linked to RCC resources. With the Sky System, RCC staff can deploy an appropriately sized Virtual Machine (VM) within minutes, by avoiding the delays often associated with purchasing and installing new hardware.