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The Research Computing Center at Florida State University enables research and education by maintaining a diverse campus cyberinfrastructure and by providing training opportunities and dedicated consulting.

What we Do


Our HPC Cluster provides over 264 TFLOPS of compute to researchers at FSU. We also provide an Interactive Cluster (Spear), and a large managed software library.


We provide a high I/O parallel file system, GPFS, for use on the HPC and Spear. We also provide a general-purpose archival storage system for long term storing, sharing, and data compliance


In addition to comprehensive support for our core services, we also provide research consulting and assistance, and we also host many outreach and training events.

News & Announcements

Updates on Sliger Renovation

Our Sliger Renovation Project is moving forward.  We are planning two outages in Summer, 2019 to acc…

Recent HPC Cluster Upgrades

We recently installed 40 new nodes in the HPC.  This increased the cluster by 1600 cores (80 process…

GPU Compute Node Performance Improvments

We are replacing the network cards in all of our HPC GPU nodes with 10Gpfs fibre cards.  This will i…

Sliger Data Center Upgrades Coming

Changes and upgrades are coming to the Sliger Data Center.  To facilitate these, some tenants will b…

Recent Software Upgrades

During our recently completedl August maintenance, we upgraded over 400 software packages on the HPC…

Storage Migration to GPFS Complete

Our migration to the GPFS storage system is now complete.  This new system replaces and consolidates…

Latest Spotlight

Sentiment Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election

Prasad Maddumage, an HPC Applications Specialist at the RCC, conducted intriguing research to examine the general public's attitudes of the 2016 US presidential election based on their tweets with the help of Carolyn Linehan who worked on the …

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