Grant Proposal Planning and Preparation

The Research Computing Center provides a number of services to help with planning and preparation of grant proposals.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to take advantage of RCC resources when preparing your next grant proposal is to come talk to us! Email us, or stop by to discuss what resources we offer and if there are collaborative opportunities in your grant for our services.

Include language in your proposal

If you intend to take advantage of RCC resources in your grant, we have prepared language that you can include in your grant proposal for the NSF, NIH, or other agency. Some granting agencies require this language in your grant. Regardless, including information about the RCC may help the granting agency understand resources available at FSU.

Letter of Support or Collaboration

Some proposal solicitations allow a PI to submit a letter of support or collaboration from a campus resource provider or collaborator. These letters generally certify that the PI will have access to resources described in the proposal. The Research Computing Center can provide these letters so long as adequate time is allowed for preparation and planning. Email us if your grant agency requires such a letter.

Data Management Plans

If your grant agency requires a data management plan (DMP), our partners at the FSU Libraries can help you prepare and manage this plan. In addition, if you have arranged with us to use any of our storage systems in your research, we can provide custom language for your proposal and assist you in preparing your DMP.

FSU Office of Research Resources

Don't forget to visit the FSU Office of Research Development page for a comprehensive round-up of resources available for faculty writing grants at FSU.