Our online documentation provides an overview and reference for submitting jobs, using storage, and using our various systems. If you need additional help, please refer to our Support Page.


To maintain a safe and trusted compute platform, RCC's security infrastructure includes the follo

To use any RCC resources, you must first sign-up for an RCC System Account.

SSH stands for Secure Shell.

To connect to RCC Resources from off-campus, you must use the

This page describes how to compile code for the HPC or Spear using compilers on our login nodes.

On RCC Linux systems, most software packages are made available via Linux Environment


This page describes how to connect to the High Performance Computing Cluster, and how to use the

This page describes how to submit a job to the High Performance Computing Cluster.

When you submit a job to the HPC, you must submit it to a partition.

This page provides a general reference for submitting and managing jobs on the HPC using the Slur

This page provides an overview of how to plan for an allocate resources for your Slurm jobs.

Open OnDemand provides access to HPC resources through your web browser.

The HPC now supports GPU jobs.  The HPC includes several processing nodes with NVIDIA GeF

Need a quick reference for submitting jobs to the HPC? We've got you covered.

GPU Benchmarks

This page lists common questions and isseus that users experience when using the HPC Cluster.


This page describes the storage systems available at RCC and how to use them.

This page describes how to transfer data to and from the HPC and Spear filesystems (GPFS) and Res

All RCC storage systems are configured as Globus endpoints to fac

We provide scratch space on our HPC file system for writing large amounts of temporary data for r

This page describes how to manage your storage quota on our Lustre and Panasas storage systems.


As of December 15, 2020, the RCC is no longer supporting XPRA. 

This page describes how to connect to the RCC Spear cluster and how to use the features available

There are a few things to keep in mind when running applications in the Spear cluster:

Virtual Machines

This page describes the process for setting up and accessing your virtual machines.

This page describes several common tasks related to managing virtual machines in the VM Cluster (

This page describes how to mount local disk volumes on Virtual Machines in the "SKY" cluster.  If

Data Center Hosting

A server rack installed in the Sliger Data Center should be well-maintained in a safe condition a

Contract for computer equipment warranty service after the manufacturer’s expires