Virtual Machines

Virtual machines ("SKY" System) documentation

Mounting Volumes on VMs

This page describes how to mount local disk volumes on Virtual Machines in the "SKY" cluster.  If you are instead looking to mount GPFS or Archival on your VM, you'll need to submit a support request.

Often times, your VM will come with more than one disk volume.  The primary volume is the operating system partition, and is usually 50gb.  If you have purchased a "medium" or "large" VM, you will also have a second volume with additional storage space, but you may need to format and mount it before you are able to use it.

Managing Virtual Machines

This page describes several common tasks related to managing virtual machines in the VM Cluster ("SKY").  

Running administrative commands

When we provision your VM, you will be given access to it via SSH using your RCC credentials.  We will configure your RCC credentials with sudo access, so that you can run administrative commands on your VM.  To run an administrative command, simply prefix it with sudo:

Virtual Machines Overview

This page describes the process for setting up and accessing your virtual machines.

Setting up a VM

RCC Staff will deploy and configure your virtual machine(s). Once your VM is deployed, a staff member will provide the IP address or DNS name of your server.

All VMs we setup run CentOS v7.  You can see which specific release your VM is running by running: