Account Management

To use any RCC resources, you must first sign-up for an RCC System Account. This page describes how RCC System Accounts work.

Who is Eligible

Anybody can create an RCC System Account. This account provides a general level of service on the HPC and Spear, and access to various other services.

If you are a currently-employed FSU faculty members, you can create an account immediately with no approval required.  Additionally, you may sponsor non-faculty users (students, staff, and outside collaborators).

Compiling Software

This page describes how to compile code for the HPC, Spear, or Condor using compilers on our login nodes.

Although the RCC provides a large number of built-in, precompiled software programs on our systems, many users will need to compile custom code into an executable program before submitting it to the Slurm scheduler. For this, we provide compilation resources on our systems:

The three primary compiler suites on our systems include:

Using SSH

SSH stands for Secure Shell. It allows you to remotely connect to our login nodes and Spear servers and interact with our services via the command-line. This is the primary way that most people use our services.

If you're unfamiliar with SSH, you might want to check out this LinkedIn Learning overview video.