Online Toolkits Help Provide Solutions to Family Violence

Paola Castillo and Taylor Moreno
November, 2019

Karen Oehme, director of the Institute for Family Violence Studies, has conducted social research work focused on a variety of target groups, ranging from U.S. criminal justice officers to parents who are undergoing a divorce. Dr. Oehme has used the Research Computing Center’s HPC to carry out the mission of the Institute for Family Violence studies and create online interactive toolkits that can help add to the knowledge base on solutions to family violence and related public health issues.

The online training provided by the institute focuses on human trafficking, trauma, and resilience and also provides information for medical professionals. With the goal of providing a multitude of people with this information, Dr. Oehme’s work makes online accessibility crucial. 

Dr. Oehme’s most recent work on co-parenting after divorce has received international attention. Tokyo International University has reached out in hopes of being able to adapt this training for a Japanese audience. The co-parenting toolkit is comprised of three major modules: introduction to divorce and co-parenting, skills and strategies to co-parenting and self-care, transition and safety tips. The toolkit also includes responses co-parents have for one another and the obstacles they have to communicate successfully for the benefit or best interest of their children.

“We wouldn’t be able to do our work without the RCC. They keep things running and make sure that the platforms are sufficient and provide a seamless user experience.”