FSU Researcher Developing New Method to Simulate Electronic Materials

Taylor Moreno
May, 2020

Chen Huang, assistant professor in the Department of Scientific Computing, conducts research to develop new computational tools that can predict the properties of materials at a nanoscale based on computer simulations.

The goal of Dr. Huang’s research is to develop an effective computational method that allows other researchers in the field of materials science to design new materials using computers.  Their method would enable researchers to predict the properties of electronic devices through computer simulations. As a result, the turnover frequency to develop new materials for building advanced electronic devices will be much faster compared to traditional experiments. This new computational method can also help cut down on research costs.

Using RCC resources, Dr. Huang is able to develop and test the performance of his code. By running simulations on the HPC’s backfill partition, he and his team are able to run multiple jobs simultaneously which helps them gather data for their research easier and more efficiently.

“RCC helped us extensively. We develop and test our code all on RCC.”

To learn more about Dr. Huang’s research, head over to his faculty profile page on the SC Website