Research Spotlights

  • A Glance at Numerical Simulations Using Thermo-Fluid Dynamics

    Dr. Neda Yaghoobian, Ph.D. — March 2019

    Neda Yaghoobian is a mechanical engineer who specializes in thermo-fluid dynamics. By examining airflow interactions between the ground and the atmosphere, Neda’s research could help improve the quality of certain neighborhoods and ecosystems.

  • Sentiment Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election

    Prasad Maddumage PhD — July 2018

    Prasad Maddumage, an HPC Applications Specialist at the RCC, conducted intriguing research to examine the general public's attitudes of the 2016 US presidential election based on their tweets with the help of Carolyn Linehan who worked on the project through the UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program).

  • Examining the Emissions Riskscape of Minority Communities in the US

    Christopher Reenock, Ph.D. — May 2018

    Associate Professor in the department of Political Science at FSU, has been conducting research exploring environmental risk patterns and the implementation of environmental policy in the United States. Chris is particularly interested in seeing if state agencies are being sensitive to minority communities that face high levels of risk.

  • A Statistical Look at Harmony in Music

    Daniel Tompkins — February 2018

    FSU College of Music alumnus Daniel Tompkins used RCC resources to analyze thousands of digital music scores to discover new musical insights. Daniel hopes his research--which focused on the harmonies in songs and chords--will allow others to use his methodology to analyze more musical eras and genres.

  • Dr. Jose Mendoza-Cortes is a professor in chemical and biomedical engineering at FSU

    Artificial Photosynthesis and Nuclear Waste Research

    Dr. Jose Mendoza-Cortes — March 2017

    Check our video interview with Dr. Jose Mendoza-Cortes, an assistant professor in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.

  • Studying Motor Speech Disorders

    Dr. Kaitlin Lansford — August 2014

    Dr. Kaitlin Lansford, an Assistant Professor at the Florida State University School of Communication Science and Disorders, is investigating the effects of perceptual training on subsequent understanding of dysarthric speech. This work has the potential to improve the communication disorder caused by dysarthria without placing extra demands on the speaker. Rather, the focus of therapy would be on improving the listener’s ability to understand disordered speech.

  • Managing Storm Risk at the College of Business

    Sue Ellen Smith — June 2014

    When it comes to hurricanes, it’s only a matter of time before the next big storm will strike Florida. That’s one reason why, in 2007, Florida’s Legislature created The Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center at Florida State University. Housed in the College of Business, the Center coordinates critical research in catastrophe risk management to help facilitate decision making by state policy makers.

  • Hadoop, HPC, and Spear at the Department of Statistics

    Dr. Adrian Barbu — March 2014

    Adrian Barbu at the Florida State University Department of Statistics regularly works with data in the billions of rows. Dr. Barbu creates algorithms and statistical methodologies for a variety of applications. Repeatedly running his algorithms over the immense matrix of numbers takes a large amount of time.

  • Simulating and Controlling Fluid Flow at AME and RCC

    Dr. Kunihiko Taira — February 2014

    Kunihiko “Sam” Taira is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the AME Center. He and his team of students in the [Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory]( (CFD) are studying fluid flow around various objects. “You may have heard about aerodynamics around airplanes and cars,” states Sam. “Studying the flow of air over bodies such as these is what we essentially do. We also try to modify the behavior of the flow in a beneficial way with what’s called active flow control.” Some aspects of fluid flows that interest researchers at the CFD Lab include vortices, turbulence, and acoustics.

  • Electron Transfer Chemistry in Sulfite Reductase

    Dr. Elizabeth Stroupe — January 2014

    Dr. Beth Stroupe and her team at the Stroupe Lab in the Florida State University Microbiology Department are using big data to study a microscopic substance: the molecular structure of sulfite reductase, a central enzyme in the sulfur metabolic cycle. Learning about sulfite reductase will teach basic principles about how enzymes catalyze this type of chemical reaction, which is called an electron transfer reaction.