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Restricted Licensing

SPSS is a closed-source licensed program. In order to access it, please purchase a license from the ITS Software Store or have your department's IT Group fill out a TSR Form to ITS Software Licensing to obtain a license.


SPSS is a powerful GUI-based statistics program that is a mainstay of may applied statistics and data science workflows. It is built and licensed by the IBM corporation. SPSS has many functionalities and is very user-friendly.

Using SPSS on RCC Systems

In order to use SPSS on RCC Systems, you, your group or your department will need to purchase a license from ITS Software Licensing. Please refer to the "Restricted Licensing" section above for more information. Once your license is in place, you can simply start up SPSS in interactive mode.

Using SPSS in Interactive Mode

In order to start SPSS in interactive mode, you will need to start an interactive SLURM session on the SPSS queue. To do this, enter the following commands into the terminal:

srun -n 4 -p spss_q -t 02:00:00 --pty /bin/bash

# Wait for the session to start then type...

module load spss_psychology # This module will change depending on your group's license.

This will start a session of IBM Statistics for whichever version your group is licensed for.