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LibreOffice is a powerful GUI application for word processing, spreadsheet calculation and database management. The installation RCC hosts currently contains:

  1. LibreOffice Base
  2. LibreOffice Calc
  3. LibreOffice Draw

Using LibreOffice on RCC Systems

Before beginning, make sure you are connected to the FSU VPN.

1.  Open a Web Browser and navigate to (see our Open OnDemand Documentation).

2.  In Open OnDemand, open the Interactive Apps tab and select RCC Desktop

3.  Now set up a simple job.  An example of how to fill out the next screen follows (modify as needed for your task):


4.  Click the "Launch" button.  You will get a screen with a blue box indicating the job is waiting for resources:

5.  When the job starts (box will turn green), click the "Launch Desktop" button

6.  In the desktop, open a terminal:

7.  In the terminal, simply type libreoffice

8. LibreOffice should open and from here you will be able to interact with it as you would on your personal computer.