The Gurobi Optimizer is a  optimization solver for linear programming (LP), quadratic programming (QP), quadratically constrained programming (QCP), mixed integer linear programming (MILP), mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP), and mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming (MIQCP).

The Gurobi Optimizer supports a variety of programming and modeling languages including: Python, C++, R, etc. Here at RCC, we have installed Gurobi Python for both anaconda2.7.15 and anaconda3.6.5.

To use the Gurobi Python package, first, please create a client license file named "gurobi.lic" in your home directory which contains a single line:

$ cd $HOME
$ vi gurobi.lic

To test the connection with the gurobi license server,

$ gurobi_cl --tokens

Checking status of Gurobi token server 'h22-licensemanager1-16.local'...

Token server functioning normally.
Maximum allowed uses: 4096, current: 0

Next, to use gurobi for python 3.6.5, load the anaconda3.6.5 module

$ module load anaconda3.6.5 
$ python
>>> import gurobi
>>> model = gurobi.Model()

To user gurobi for python2.7.15, load the anaconda2.7.15 module

$ module load anaconda2.7.15 
$ python
>>> import gurobi
>>> model = gurobi.Model()
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