2.7.15, 3.7.3, 3.8.3


Anaconda Python is a Python distribution for large-scale data processing and scientific computing provided by Continuum Analytics. It contains 195+ popular python packages for science, math, engineering, data analysis.

Using Anaconda on RCC Resources

To use Anaconda Python 2.7, simply load the corresponding module as follows:

module load anaconda/2.7.15

and for Anaconda Python 3.7:

module load anaconda/3.7.3

and for Anaconda Python 3.8:

module load anaconda/3.8.3

You can check if it is running the anaconda python by

 $ which python
 # Should return either:
 # or
 # or

To start a python session on a compute node, simply type

   $ python

To start an ipython (interactive python) session for either version, type

(base) [bchen3@h22-login-26 ~]$ module load anaconda/3.7.3 
(base) [bchen3@h22-login-26 ~]$ ipython
Python 3.7.3 (default, Mar 27 2019, 22:11:17) 
Type 'copyright', 'credits' or 'license' for more information
IPython 7.6.1 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. Type '?' for help.

In [1]:                           

Using Conda Environments on RCC Systems

You can also create Conda Environments, which are much like Python Virtual Environments but built to run a full anaconda installation, if you need to have more control or use custom-developed Anaconda packages. Administrative privileges are not required to for this; any user with a system account can run an virtual environment in home directories. The steps to do this are below:

## STEP 1:  Log in to HPC (replace USER with your FSUID)
[USER@home-computer-name]$ ssh

## STEP 2:  Load one of the anaconda modules into your terminal
[USER@home-computer-name]$ module load anaconda/3.8.3       

## STEP 3:  Set up your base environment (you only need to do this ONCE)
[USER@home-computer-name]$ conda init bash                 
## This command will initialize the base environment.  
## You can choose other shells like c-shell, fish or others 
## if you want but bash is the most supported by RCC.  
## This will initialize the base environment on your home directory.
## It will change your terminal prompt from something like 
## [abc12d@hpc-login-24 ~]$ to something like 
## (base) [abc12d@hpc-login-24 ~]$
## this prepended (base) just indicates that conda is active and 
## listening for commands.  It uses a base environment for this.

## STEP 4:  Create a new environment.  You can replace MyEnvName with any name
[USER@home-computer-name]$ conda create -n MyEnvName

## STEP 5:  Follow the prompts you get when creating the environment.  
## Type "y" when prompted.

## STEP 6:  Activate the new environment
[USER@home-computer-name]$ conda activate MyEnvName   
## When you type the above command, your prompt should change from 
## (base) [abc12d@hpc-login-24 ~]$  to something like this:  
## (MyEnvName) [abc12d@hpc-login-24 ~]$
## After this point, "conda install" and all other conda commands 
## should be available to you

## STEP 7:  When you are done working in the environment, deactivate it by running:
[USER@home-computer-name]$ conda deactivate
## If you want, you can even deactivate the base environment by 
## typing this again until the prepended (base) vanishes.

Available Packages on RCC Systems

Some important python packages included are listed below:

Package Version Available in anaconda2.7.15 Available in anaconda3.7.3
alabaster 0.7.10 Yes No
anaconda-client 1.6.14 Yes Yes
anaconda-navigator 1.8.7 Yes Yes
anaconda-project 0.8.2 Yes Yes
asn1crypto 0.24.0 Yes Yes
astor 0.7.1 Yes No
astroid 1.6.3 Yes Yes
astropy 2.0.6 Yes Yes
attrs 18.1.0 Yes Yes
Babel 2.5.3 Yes Yes
backcall 0.1.0 No Yes
backports-abc 0.5 Yes No
backports.functools-lru-cache 1.5 Yes No
backports.shutil-get-terminal-size 1.0.0 Yes Yes
backports.ssl-match-hostname Yes No
backports.weakref 1.0.post1 Yes No
beautifulsoup4 4.6.0 Yes Yes
bitarray 0.8.1 Yes Yes
bkcharts 0.2 Yes Yes
blaze 0.11.3 Yes Yes
bleach 2.1.3 Yes Yes
bokeh 0.12.16 Yes Yes
boto 2.48.0 Yes Yes
Bottleneck 1.2.1 Yes Yes
cdecimal 2.3 Yes No
certifi 2018.4.16 Yes Yes
cffi 1.11.5 Yes Yes
chardet 3.0.4 Yes Yes
click 6.7 Yes Yes
cloudpickle 0.5.3 Yes Yes
clyent 1.2.2 Yes Yes
colorama 0.3.9 Yes Yes
conda 4.5.11 Yes Yes
conda-build 3.10.5 Yes Yes
conda-verify 2.0.0 Yes Yes
configparser 3.5.0 Yes No
contextlib2 0.5.5 Yes Yes
cryptography 2.2.2 Yes Yes
cycler 0.10.0 Yes Yes
Cython 0.28.2 Yes Yes
cytoolz Yes Yes
dask 0.17.5 Yes Yes
datashape 0.5.4 Yes Yes
decorator 4.3.0 Yes Yes
distributed 1.21.8 Yes Yes
docutils 0.14 YInstalling and running Anaconda in a Virtual Environmentes Yes
entrypoints 0.2.3 Yes Yes
enum34 1.1.6 Yes No
et-xmlfile 1.0.1 Yes Yes
fastcache 1.0.2 Yes Yes
filelock 3.0.4 Yes Yes
Flask 1.0.2 Yes Yes
Flask-Cors 3.0.4 Yes Yes
funcsigs 1.0.2 Yes No
functools32 3.2.3.post2 Yes No
futures 3.2.0 Yes No
gast 0.2.0 Yes No
gevent 1.3.0 Yes Yes
glob2 0.6 Yes Yes
gmpy2 2.0.8 Yes Yes
greenlet 0.4.13 Yes Yes
grin 1.2.1 Yes No
grpcio 1.12.1 Yes No
h5py 2.7.1 Yes Yes
heapdict 1.0.0 Yes Yes
html5lib 1.0.1 Yes Yes
idna 2.6 Yes Yes
imageio 2.3.0 Yes Yes
imagesize 1.0.0 Yes Yes
ipaddress 1.0.22 Yes No
ipykernel 4.8.2 Yes Yes
ipython 5.7.0 Yes Yes
ipython-genutils 0.2.0 Yes Yes
ipywidgets 7.2.1 Yes Yes
isort 4.3.4 Yes Yes
itsdangerous 0.24 Yes Yes
jdcal 1.4 Yes Yes
jedi 0.12.0 Yes Yes
Jinja2 2.10 Yes Yes
jsonschema 2.6.0 Yes Yes
jupyter 1.0.0 Yes Yes
jupyter-client 5.2.3 Yes Yes
jupyter-console 5.2.0 Yes Yes
jupyter-core 4.4.0 Yes Yes
jupyterlab 0.32.1 Yes Yes
jupyterlab-launcher 0.10.5 Yes Yes
Keras 2.2.2 Yes No
Keras-Applications 1.0.4 Yes No
Keras-Preprocessing 1.0.2 Yes No
kiwisolver 1.0.1 Yes Yes
lazy-object-proxy 1.3.1 Yes Yes
llvmlite 0.23.1 Yes Yes
locket 0.2.0 Yes Yes
lxml 4.2.1 Yes Yes
Markdown 2.6.11 Yes No
MarkupSafe 1.0 Yes Yes
matplotlib 2.2.2 Yes Yes
mccabe 0.6.1 Yes Yes
mistune 0.8.3 Yes Yes
mkl-fft 1.0.0 Yes Yes
mkl-random 1.0.1 Yes Yes
mock 2.0.0 Yes No
more-itertools 4.1.0 Yes Yes
mpmath 1.0.0 Yes Yes
msgpack-python 0.5.6 Yes Yes
multipledispatch 0.5.0 Yes Yes
navigator-updater 0.2.1 Yes Yes
nbconvert 5.3.1 Yes Yes
nbformat 4.4.0 Yes Yes
networkx 2.1 Yes Yes
nltk 3.3 Yes Yes
nose 1.3.7 Yes Yes
notebook 5.5.0 Yes Yes
numba 0.38.0+0.g2a2b772fc.dirty Yes Yes
numexpr 2.6.5 Yes Yes
numpy 1.14.3 Yes Yes
numpydoc 0.8.0 Yes Yes
odo 0.5.1 Yes Yes
olefile 0.45.1 Yes Yes
openpyxl 2.5.3 Yes Yes
packaging 17.1 Yes Yes
pandas 0.23.0 Yes Yes
pandocfilters 1.4.2 Yes Yes
parso 0.2.0 Yes Yes
partd 0.3.8 Yes Yes 11.0.1 Yes Yes
pathlib2 2.3.2 Yes Yes
patsy 0.5.0 Yes Yes
pbr 4.2.0 Yes No
pep8 1.7.1 Yes Yes
pexpect 4.5.0 Yes Yes
pickleshare 0.7.4 Yes Yes
Pillow 5.1.0 Yes Yes
pkginfo 1.4.2 Yes Yes
pluggy 0.6.0 Yes Yes
ply 3.11 Yes Yes
prompt-toolkit 1.0.15 Yes Yes
protobuf 3.6.0 Yes No
psutil 5.4.5 Yes Yes
ptyprocess 0.5.2 Yes Yes
py 1.5.3 Yes Yes
pycairo 1.15.4 Yes No
pycodestyle 2.4.0 Yes Yes
pycosat 0.6.3 Yes Yes
pycparser 2.18 Yes Yes
pycrypto 2.6.1 Yes Yes
pycurl Yes Yes
pyflakes 1.6.0 Yes Yes
Pygments 2.2.0 Yes Yes
pylint 1.8.4 Yes Yes
pyodbc 4.0.23 Yes Yes
pyOpenSSL 18.0.0 Yes Yes
pyparsing 2.2.0 Yes Yes
PySocks 1.6.8 Yes Yes
pytest 3.5.1 Yes Yes
pytest-arraydiff 0.2 No Yes
pytest-astropy 0.3.0 No Yes
pytest-doctestplus 0.1.3 No Yes
pytest-openfiles 0.3.0 No Yes
pytest-remotedata 0.2.1 No Yes
python-dateutil 2.7.3 Yes Yes
pytz 2018.4 Yes Yes
PyWavelets 0.5.2 Yes Yes
PyYAML 3.12 Yes Yes
pyzmq 17.0.0 Yes Yes
QtAwesome 0.4.4 Yes Yes
qtconsole 4.3.1 Yes Yes
QtPy 1.4.1 Yes Yes
requests 2.18.4 Yes Yes
rope 0.10.7 Yes Yes
ruamel-yaml 0.15.35 Yes Yes
scandir 1.7 Yes No
scikit-image 0.13.1 Yes Yes
scikit-learn 0.19.1 Yes Yes
scipy 1.1.0 Yes Yes
seaborn 0.8.1 Yes Yes
Send2Trash 1.5.0 Yes Yes
simplegeneric 0.8.1 Yes Yes
singledispatch Yes Yes
six 1.11.0 Yes Yes
snowballstemmer 1.2.1 Yes Yes
sortedcollections 0.6.1 Yes Yes
sortedcontainers 1.5.10 Yes Yes
Sphinx 1.7.4 Yes Yes
sphinxcontrib-websupport 1.0.1 Yes Yes
spyder 3.2.8 Yes Yes
SQLAlchemy 1.2.7 Yes Yes
statsmodels 0.9.0 Yes Yes
subprocess32 3.5.0 Yes No
sympy 1.1.1 Yes Yes
tables 3.4.3 Yes Yes
tblib 1.3.2 Yes Yes
tensorboard 1.9.0 Yes No
tensorflow 1.9.0 Yes No
termcolor 1.1.0 Yes No
terminado 0.8.1 Yes Yes
testpath 0.3.1 Yes Yes
toolz 0.9.0 Yes Yes
torch 0.4.1.post2 Yes Yes
tornado 5.0.2 Yes Yes
traitlets 4.3.2 Yes Yes
typing 3.6.4 Yes Yes
ujson 1.35 Yes No
unicodecsv 0.14.1 Yes Yes
urllib3 1.22 Yes Yes
vpnotebook 0.1.3 Yes No
vpython 7.4.6 Yes No
wcwidth 0.1.7 Yes Yes
webencodings 0.5.1 Yes Yes
Werkzeug 0.14.1 Yes Yes
widgetsnbextension 3.2.1 Yes Yes
wrapt 1.10.11 Yes Yes
xlrd 1.1.0 Yes Yes
XlsxWriter 1.0.4 Yes Yes
xlwt 1.3.0 Yes Yes
zict 0.1.3 Yes Yes

A more comprehensive list can be found from Packages.

Further Assistance

If you need to install other python packages for your research, please contact us through