Virtual Machine Cluster ("SKY")

Virtual Computing Platform

The RCC Virtual Machine Cluster ("SKY") is a cloud computing platform built on oVirt to allow quick deployment of web, database, and other systems linked to RCC resources. Data analysis workflows and pipelines increasingly rely on web-based applications and databases to facilitate job submission and to share results with a broad user community. With the Virtualization Cluster, researchers can deploy an appropriately sized Virtual Machine (VM) within minutes, and avoid delays often associated with purchasing and installing new hardware. Users have administrative access to their VMs created in the system. The Virtual Machine Cluster is intended to support VMs that are being used to support scientific research requirements.

The Virtual Machine Cluster ("SKY") is an implementation of the oVirt System that hosts virtual machines for research computing purposes. Users can provision, destroy, snapshot, start, stop, and administer virtual machines via a web panel or through SSH.

VM provisioning is available to those research groups which need less compute-intensive resources, such as web servers, small database servers, or machines that they have root access to.