NoleStor - Research Data Storage and Sharing

NoleStor is an object-based archival storage system.

Key Features

  • Object Storage - NoleStor is an implementation of the DataDirect Networks Web Object Storage platform. It is well-suited for storing large amounts of data for long-term storage. Data is accessed through a Web Services REST API.
  • Optional long-distance data-replication - Users have the option of purchasing data replication support. This support enables us to replicate and back up data with partner institutions over the high-speed Florida LambdaRail research network. Partner institutions include University of Florida, University of Miami, and others.
  • Fully supported platform - NoleStor is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade storage platform. The system is managed by a full-time team at Florida State University. It resides in a managed, controlled access data center and is connected to multiple high-speed networks.

Use Cases

  • Data repository storage - NoleStor offers the ability to store data objects and query them through a simple query mechanism.
  • Second tier storage - NoleStor provides a cost-effective way to offload and archive data from our high-performance Lustre and Panasas file systems.
  • High-Speed Data replication - NoleStor connects directly to the Florida LambdaRail network, enabling data to move quickly from Florida State University to partner institutions for backup or sharing.

More Information