NoleStor Object Storage

NoleStor is an object-storage system designed for convenient low-cost storage for unstructured data or long-term archival. The system is also linked with similar installations throughout the Florida University System through SSERCA, making sharing data for collaborative research possible.

NoleStor is an object-based archival storage system.

Key features include:

  • Object Storage - NoleStor is an implementation of the DataDirect Networks Web Object Storage platform. It is well-suited for storing large amounts of data for long-term storage. Data is accessed through a Web Services REST API.
  • Optional long-distance data-replication - Users have the option of purchasing data replication support. This support enables us to replicate and back up data with partner institutions over the high-speed Florida LambdaRail research network. Partner institutions include University of Florida, University of Miami, and others.
  • Fully supported platform - NoleStor is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade storage platform. The system is managed by a full-time team at Florida State University. It resides in a managed, controlled access data center and is connected to multiple high-speed networks.

Use Cases:

  • Data repository storage - NoleStor offers the ability to store data objects and query them through a simple query mechanism.
  • High-Speed Data replication - NoleStor connects directly to the Florida LambdaRail network, enabling data to move quickly from Florida State University to partner institutions for backup or sharing.

Refer to DDN's official product brochure for more information about NoleStor features.