Data Center Floorspace

Servers require a lot of maintenance. Let RCC manage the logistics of hosting.

  • Cooling - The Data Center is cooled by a Trane RTAA 125-Ton Air Cooled Rotary Liquid Chiller, with interior cumulative 100-Ton Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRAC).
  • Power - The Data Center is supported by 3-Phase City of Tallahassee Power and a 500 KW Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The entire Building is supported by a 750 KW Cummins Generator, and a 3,000 gallon diesel fuel tank.
  • Monitoring - The Sliger Data Center is passively monitored all the time. Procedures and support personnel are in place to respond to alerts and alarms.
  • Security - Security at the Sliger Data Center is facilitated by FSUCard access wherever card readers are present. Research Computing Center's customers are provided with business hours access to the Data Center, with a procedure to follow for emergency access that involves checking out and returning a master FSUCard.

We offer three hosting options in our data center:

  • CoLo West
    • RCC staff manage servers.
    • You must contact RCC support for software upgrades.
    • Appropriate for customers who want as little hands-on hardware maintenance as possible.
  • CoLo East
    • Customers manage servers.
    • Uplinks are managed by ITS Network Core Technologies.
    • Appropriate for customers with a few servers, but not a complete rack.
  • CoLo North
    • Customers manage servers.
    • Appropriate for customers with full racks.

If you are interested in hosting your server(s) in the Sliger Datacenter, please fill out this questionnaire.