Department of Biological Science

RCC partners wih several faculty members in the FSU Department of Biology to advance research in the areas of life science and genomics.

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The RCC partners with several reserach groups in the FSU Department of Biological Science

The Bass Lab investigates the structure and function of chromosomes and telomeres during meiosis, when chromosomes are recombined, shuffled, and reduced to the haploid state (during production of sperm or eggs). Genetics, molecular biology, and microscopy are used to examine plant telomeres and their role in meiotic nuclear architecture and chromosome segregation. High-resolution deconvolution microscopy is used to collect multi-wavelength three-dimensional optical reconstructions of whole nuclei in meiotic cells of higher plants.

Dr. Peter Fajer and the Fajerlab focuses in molecular structure-function relationships as applied to motility. The organizational level is that of large macromolecular complexes–the interface of single-particle biochemistry/biophysics and cell biology.