News Items

  • HPC Maintenance complete on Monday; Spear/Lustre delayed

    The maintenance period for the HPC upgrade will be complete on Monday morning at 9am.  The Spear and Lustre systems will be delayed for at least one more week.

  • We are Hiring! Systems Administrator

    We are looking for a full-time systems administrator to join our team. This is a permanent professional position at the FSU Main Campus here in Tallahassee, Florida. TL;DR: Apply here About the position In this position, you will work with our small but mighty systems team (3-4 team …

  • RCC Systems Maintenance July 25 - Aug 22

    This is a reminder that our upcoming maintenance period will begin on Monday, July 25, 2016 and run until August 22. During this time, many of our systems will be unavailable, including: Lustre - unavailable July 25 - Aug 21 Spear - unavailable July 25 - Aug 21 HPC - unavailable Aug 7 - …

  • Spear IQS Deprecated

    We have deprecated the Spear IQS tool in favor of using the built-in capabilities of SSH and NoMachine to allow users to connect to Spear. This is effective immediately. Please refer to our updated instructions for connecting to Spear . If you have any trouble connecting, please let us know …

  • HPC Upgrade

    We are planning the annual HPC maintenance period for this summer. This maintenance will occur in stages between July 25 and August 19.

  • RCC adopts oVirt for Virtualization

    As part of our effort to improve the reliability of our infrastructure, we are migrating our Virtual Machine Cluster (commonly known as "SKY") from the OpenStack platform to the oVirt platform.

  • Spear Login - RSA Host Key Changing

    We will be updating the SSH hostkeys on the Spear servers today. This could result in failed connections with a "possible dns spoofing detected" error message. To fix this, you will need to update or remove the cached key from your client.

  • deepSQL at RCC

    The RCC has received a nice write-up in Campus Technology about our partnership with deepSQL .

  • RCC welcomes Cameron Berkley!

    We're excited about our newest team member, Cameron Berkley. Cameron joined our systems team in January, 2016. He received his bachelors degree in Scientific Computing from the FSU Department of Scientific Computing where he studied geometric morphometrics and computer vision. He is currently …

  • Bluewaters $50,000 Scholarship

    The deadline is approaching for the NCSA Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship. The program includes 1 year fellowship $38,000 + $12,000 tuition allowance + 50,000 node hours on Blue Waters HPC System.