News Items

  • New Storage System Coming: GPFS

    We are pleased to announce that are upgrading our parallel storage systems for the HPC and Spear. We have procured a new GPFS filesystem, and over the next several months, we will migrate all user and research data to this new system from Panasas and Lustre. After the consolidation, we will retire the older systems.

  • New Storage System: Archival

    We are pleased to announce a new service offering at the RCC: low-cost archival storage.  This is a general-purpose storage platform that replaces the NoleStor service and provides long term, durable storage for research data.

  • Upcoming Systems Maintenance

    The RCC Systems Team is working to improve the reliability of our systems and services. In that regard, we have scheduled several maintenance windows over the next two months for various systems.

  • Lustre Data Loss

    An issue on our Lustre storage system has caused some data to be irrerovacbly lost.  Approximately 12TB (~6.5% of total storage) was affected.

  • Upcoming Sliger maintenance and Hurricane Irma

    Two events may affect the HPC and other RCC systems in the coming weeks: Chiller Maintenance and Hurricane Irma.

  • FSU Transformer Maintenance

    FSU is at increased risk of power outage during August.  If an outage occurs, RCC staff will turn off some systems in order to prevent damage.

  • 1,652 new CPU cores added to HPC

    We've recently purchased and implemented 64 new Lenovo nodes, adding 1,652 new Intel cores to our HPC cluster.  This brings the theroetical peak performance up to 264.6 TeraFlops.

  • MATLAB 2017a Available

    We have upgraded MATLAB to the latest version, 2017a.  The new version is now available on HPC and Spear.

  • New Software on the HPC

    As part of the maintenance upgrade, we have upgraded many software packages on the HPC to newer versions.  Here is the complete list.

  • Replacing NoMachine with XPRA

    On our Spear systems, we are replacing NoMachine with a new utility: XPRA.