News Items

  • FSU Transformer Maintenance

    FSU is at increased risk of power outage during August.  If an outage occurs, RCC staff will turn off some systems in order to prevent damage.

  • 1,652 new CPU cores added to HPC

    We've recently purchased and implemented 64 new Lenovo nodes, adding 1,652 new Intel cores to our HPC cluster.  This brings the theroetical peak performance up to 264.6 TeraFlops.

  • MATLAB 2017a Available

    We have upgraded MATLAB to the latest version, 2017a.  The new version is now available on HPC and Spear.

  • New Software on the HPC

    As part of the maintenance upgrade, we have upgraded many software packages on the HPC to newer versions.  Here is the complete list.

  • Replacing NoMachine with XPRA

    On our Spear systems, we are replacing NoMachine with a new utility: XPRA.

  • HPC and Spear software upgrade to occur this May

    This May, we will conduct software maintenance on our HPC and Spear clusters.  We will also perform brief maintenance on our Lustre export nodes.  This maintenance will allow us to upgrade all of the software on our clusters to newer versions, and more.

  • New "RCCTool" Command-Line Tool

    We've released a new tool on the HPC login nodes to make it easy to see information about your account and which partitions/nodes you have access to.

  • HPC Nodes Damaged during Hermine Replaced

    All 76 nodes that were damaged during Hurricane Hermine last September have been replaced.  New nodes, purchased by Lenovo, are online and processing jobs.

  • Winter Break - RCC Closed Dec 23 - Jan 2

    The Research Computing Center will be closed from Dec 23 through Jan 2 for FSU Winter Break.  Systems will remain online and available during this period.

  • RCC to move systems to NWRDC

    As the RCC grows, it is important for us to provide higher level of reliabilty to our research partners.  To this end, we are consolidating all RCC equipment to the Northwest Regional Datacenter (NWRDC).  RCC staff will remain in Dirac Science Library.