News Items

  • New Scratch Volume

    As part of our ongoing migration to GPFS, we have setup a new scratch volume.  We encourage all general-access scratch users to move to this new volume as soon as possible.

  • Sustainable Energy RAZOR Lecture - April 17

    RCC Collaborator Jose Mendoza-Cortes will give a RAZOR Lecture at the Challenger Learning Center: Towards the Carbon Neutral Holy Grail using Water: A Path to Clean and Sustainable Energy

  • Migrate your home directory to our new storage system

    Our new storage system, GPFS, is now online!  We encourage all Panasas and Lustre users to migrate your home directories to GPFS at your earliest convenience using our migration tool.

  • Announcing Docker and Singularity Support

    The HPC now supports containers!  Using a new tool called Singularity, you can import and run Docker containers.  This allows you to take better control of your runtime environment and provide more reliable workflows.

  • Data Center Improvements

    We've been working to improve the performance and reliability of our data centers in the Sliger and Dirac buildings.  This effort includes a major overhaul of our network and a consolidation of resources into the Sliger Data Center.

  • New Storage System Coming: GPFS

    We are pleased to announce that are upgrading our parallel storage systems for the HPC and Spear. We have procured a new GPFS filesystem, and over the next several months, we will migrate all user and research data to this new system from Panasas and Lustre. After the consolidation, we will retire the older systems.

  • New Storage System: Archival

    We are pleased to announce a new service offering at the RCC: low-cost archival storage.  This is a general-purpose storage platform that replaces the NoleStor service and provides long term, durable storage for research data.

  • Upcoming Systems Maintenance

    The RCC Systems Team is working to improve the reliability of our systems and services. In that regard, we have scheduled several maintenance windows over the next two months for various systems.

  • Lustre Data Loss

    An issue on our Lustre storage system has caused some data to be irrerovacbly lost.  Approximately 12TB (~6.5% of total storage) was affected.

  • Upcoming Sliger maintenance and Hurricane Irma

    Two events may affect the HPC and other RCC systems in the coming weeks: Chiller Maintenance and Hurricane Irma.