Updates on Sliger Renovation

This is a quick update on the Sliger renovation process.

Together with H2 engineering we are finalizing the scope of work.  The formal bidding process for subcontractors will begin on December 20th. The bulk of the work will be to completely redo the electrical system, add a new DX air conditioner system, and install new chiller units for our water-based coolers.

Most of the work can be done without interrupting operations in the Sliger server room, but there will be at least three power brief interruptions for colocation customers and two for RCC users.

During the summer of 2019, the main power connection from city power to the Sliger building will be upgraded, and the transfer switch from city power to the generator will be replaced. This can be done in a few hours.  We are trying to schedule this for a Saturday, so that people working in the building will not be impacted.

During the summer of 2019, several breakers will be replaced. Because of the logistics involved, this can not happen at the same time as the full building outage.  An individual breaker will impact only some costumers and will last for a few hours. Once we have more details, we will start working on a schedule with individual customers.

Almost all customer equipment will be moving to a new physical location on the server room floor.  Because of renovation timing issues, we will not be able to coordinate this with one of the other two outages and this will be done during the spring.  Once we have more details from the bidding process, we will start working on a schedule with individual customers. With your help, this can be done in a few hours, but coordination from the colo customer, the RCC, and the FSU Network Core Technology (NCT) group is needed.

We will send more updates as they become availabe.