Upcoming Sliger maintenance and Hurricane Irma

There are two events that may affect the HPC and other RCC systems in the coming weeks.

Most immediately, we are working to fix a cooling system in the Sliger Data Center.  In order to prevent potential water damage in the server room, a valve in one of the chillers needs replacement.  The chiller may need to be taken offline for half a day to complete this maintenance.

If this is necessary, we will drain all jobs from those HPC compute nodes that are closest to this chiller before and during this donwtime.  Affected partitions are listed below.

No date has been set for this chiller maintenance, but we will let you know as soon as it has been scheduled.

Also, RCC, DSC, and ITS staff are monitoring the development of Hurricane Irma in the mid-Atlantic.  We will determine next week if we need to take any preemptive action related to this storm.  Stay tuned for updates.

Partitions affected by chiller maintenance

  • "ame_q"
  • "backfill"
  • "backfill2"
  • "beerli_q"
  • "bleiholder_q"
  • "chemistry_q"
  • "coaps_q"
  • "deprince_q"
  • "engineering_q"
  • "eoas_q"
  • "huang_q"
  • "krish_q"
  • "ktaylor_q"
  • "lin_q"
  • "mendoza_q"
  • "paravastu_q"
  • "physics_q"
  • "rokyta_q"
  • "sc_q"
  • "stagg_q"
  • "statistics_q"
  • "stroupe_q"
  • "yang_imb_q"
  • "zhou_q"