Storage System Updated

We recently implemented a brand new set of storage export nodes to our system.  These new nodes provide a number of benefits to our storage, HPC, and Spear users:

  • Vastly improved network throughput to our GPFS storage cluster.  Previously, our uplink was 1Gb/s.  We have upgraded to 40Gb/s, a 40x increase.
  • Improved network throughput to our Research Archival storage cluster.  Throughput is now 20Gb/s.
  • Our Research Archival storage cluster is now available via SFTP, SCP, and RSYNC to all of FSU campus and the VPN.  Previously, we limited these protocols to HPC and Spear nodes only.

If you are a Research Archival customer, you should set your client(s) to connect to anywhere you previously used

If you are a GPFS (HPC storage) user, you can now connect to to take advantage of these new data transfer speeds.  The export cluster is 40x faster than our HPC Login Nodes and Spear nodes for data transfer, so we encourage all users who need to perform non-trivial data transfers to use it.

Learn more about how to transfer data at our storage documentation.