Storage Migration to GPFS Complete

We have completed our migration to the GPFS storage system.

This migration started in December, 2017 and wrapped-up at the end of August, 2018.  With your help, we consolidated 517TB of research and user data from the Panasas and Lustre filesystems onto GPFS.  We appreciate everybody's patience and help during the process.

A few notes about the migration:

  • Both Panasas and Lustre are now shut-off, and we are permanently retiring both of them.  Both systems are out-of-warranty and past their EOL.
  • Your home directory is now consistent across all of our services (Spear, HPC, etc), and your research data directories are in the same location on all systems.
  • We've installed a new high-throughput 40Gbps storage switch to connect the storage to our other services.
  • All users are entitled to 150Gb of storage in your home directories.  If you've purchased additional or shared storage, you'll be able to access it in your directory under /gpfs/research.

You can always check your quota by running the gpfs_quota command on any HPC Login node or Spear node.  For more information, check out our storage documentation.