RCC partners with CIMES and Engineering to recycle can rings

Until Fall 2021, Florida State University did not recycle 6-pack and other plastic drink can rings.

The Research Computing Center has partnered with the Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) and FAMU/FSU College of Engineering Resilient Infrastructure & Disaster Response (RIDER) Center in Sliger Building to serve as a collection center to recycle can rings that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. This is in collaboration with RingRecycleMe, which processes the can rings.

How to recycle your can rings

All who wish may package up your drink can rings and send them via campus mail to: FSU Sliger Sustainability Team, Mail Code 2870, at 2035 East Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32310. We will periodically package up FSU’s can rings and print a free USPS mailing label and send them off to be recycled.

On August 30, we completed recycling our first shipment of can rings.

Left to Right: Will Hill, FSU/FAMU Engineering RIDER center; Mitch Gans, ITS RCC; Kev Sullivan, CIMES