New Storage System: Archival

The new Research Archival Storage system provides the FSU research community with a new option for managing and storing large amounts of data at low-cost relative to other storage platforms.

Resource Five Year Contract One Year Contract

1 TB Archival Storage

$70 / 5 yrs

(same as annual pricing)

$14 / 1 yr


The new system integrates with existing account management, so you can grant access to research groups and collaborators the same way that you do in Panasas or Lustre.  It is accessible via SFTP and SCP from the HPC and Spear, so you can easily move data between storage systems.  It is also available via Globus for sharing data or transferring it to non-RCC systems both on and off campus.

The Research Archival Storage is built on four Lenovo System x3650 nodes with a total of 164 drives, and provides 1PB of total capacity.  We use the ZFS storage system to provide a highly robust and reliable storage platform.

Learn more in our docs and contact us if you want to learn more about the service and how you can incorporate into your data management plan.