New nodes are on their way

UPDATE Jan 1 - The new nodes are online and ready!  If you want to inquire, please let us know.

UPDATE Nov 19 - The new nodes are almost ready!  We have added the new nodes to the Slurm scheduler, and are in the process of running benchmarks.  Expect an update as soon as we publish our benchmarks (within the next two weeks).

Our annual purchase of 40 new HPC nodes is on its way! These nodes sport the following specs:

  1. Dual Intel Xeon 6248 20-core processors (@ 2.5Ghz),
  2. 196 GB of memory,
  3. SSD disks,
  4. and EDR InfiniBand capable of 100 Gbps throughput. 

We expect to receive and install these nodes in a few weeks.  If you're interested in buying in, see our pricing page.