Migrate your home directory to our new storage system

Our new parallel storage system is now ready to go to work.  Over the coming months, we will work with users and groups to transfer all data from Lustre and Panasas to GPFS.

We would like you to move your home directories to the new storage system at your earliest convenience.  This is a self-service operation and can be done on your schedule.  The operation will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending on system load and how much data you have in your home directories.

To start your migration, simply login to the HPC and run the following command:

$ gpfs_migrate

Follow the on-screen instructions, and your migration will be queued.  The migration tool will setup your GPFS home directory, and it will copy your data from Lustre and Panasas.  If you prefer to migrate your data by-hand (e.g. using rsync), you can elect to skip copying when you submit your migration (the gpfs_migrate tool will ask you).

If you prefer RCC staff to perform or assist you with the operation please submit a support request.

You will receive email messages when your migration begins and when it ends or fails.  We will also lock your account for the duration of the migration so that no HPC jobs or other automated tasks can alter your data while it is being moved.

Once the migration completes, all of your data will be in your new home directory:


We appreciate your helping us move us to the new storage system.  Our old systems, Lustre and Panasas will be turned off later this year.

For more details about the migration process, please refer to our in-depth guide.  Or, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.