MATLAB 2017a Available

We have upgraded our MATLAB implementation on Spear and HPC to the latest version, 2017b.

This brings all of the newest features and enhancements to our users who run MATLAB for parallel jobs on the HPC, or interactively on Spear.

Read about what's new, or learn how to run MATLAB on the HPC or Spear.

If you need to run an older version of MATLAB, we will continue to make older versions available.  To run them (instead of v2017), you wil need to load a module before executing MATLAB:

# Run MATLAB 2013b
module load matlab/2013b && matlab

# Run MATLAB 2014b
module load matlab/2014b && matlab

# Run MATLAB 2015b
module load 2015b && matlab

# Run MATLAB 2017a (this is unnecessary since it is the default version)
module load 2017a && matlab