Introducing OpenOnDemand

Open OnDemand provides easy web access to HPC. Originally developed by Ohio Supercomputing Center, it provides:

  • Easy file management (upload, download, edit, and viewing of files)
  • Command-line shell access
  • Job management and monitoring
  • Graphical desktop environment
  • Acess to desktop applications such as MATLAB, STATA, VisIt, Jupyter Notebook

You can login to RCC's Open OnDemand site,, with your RCC credentials using any web browser. NOTE: As with other methods of accessing the HPC, you will need to connect to our VPN in order to use Open OnDemand.

Once logged in, use the different tabs to perform file operations or submit/monitor jobs.

Examples include:

Creating a new Job

  1. Browse to Jobs > Job Composer.
  2. Click the "New Job" button (hint: you can use our submit script generator and copy/paste using the Submit Script box on lower right)

Gaining Shell Access

If you need shell access on a login node, simply select Clusters > _hpc Shell Access from the dashboard.

GUI Applications (MATLAB, Stata, Jupyter notebook, etc)

If you want to run a GUI application, you can select the application in the Interactive Apps tab, and specify the number of cores, runtime, and the partition (hint: use open_on_demand) you are using. Also, you can get access to a virtual desktop environment via Interactive Apps > RCC Desktop menu.

This is just a smattering of what Open OnDemand can do, and it is being actively developed by the Ohio Supercomputing Center.  We plan on pursuing this further, so your feedback is appreciated!

If you are interested in helping us evaluate the tool, please shoot us an email at and we'll add you to the testing group.