FSU Transformer Maintenance

FSU is at increased risk of power outage during August.  If an outage occurs, RCC staff will turn off some systems in order to prevent damage.

The City of Tallahassee began performing maintenance on the primary transformers providing power to the campus on August 5. During this time, only one transformer is serving electricity to the main campus. 

In the case of a power outage, the FSU Facilities chilled water plant will have no backup power, and critical units will not receive adequate chilled water for cooling. One of those units is the Dirac Server Room.

If a power outage occurs, and we deem it necessary, RCC staff will turn off equipement in the following order:

1. Compute nodes in the backfill and general access partitions
2. Spear servers
3. SKY VM cluster including all VMs (including www.rcc.fsu.edu)
4. Lustre storage and globus/export servers

The equipment in the Sliger data center will not be affected by this maintenance.  Power from a generator will keep the chilled water production flowing. Therefore, the following services will not be impacted: all owner compute nodes, the Panasas and archival file systems. 

If an outage occurs, you can keep updated by following us on twitter (@FSURCC), or you can refer to https://rcc.fsu.edu/news to receive news updates.