Data Center Update - Funding Committed for Sliger Renovation

If you've been keeping up with RCC news, you know that we have been working to improve our data center facility.  Part of this effort has been to consolidate our operations into one location.  Previously, our systems were located in two facilities, Dirac and Sliger.

To support this effort, Florida State University has committed funding to perform a number of necessary renovations and upgrades to improve the Sliger Data Center at Innovation Park and to ensure that the FSU research community has a reliable facility to host academic computing infrastructure.  RCC staff will work together with engineers from Facilities to plan and implement these upgrades.

Additionally, nearly all of our production systems are now running in the Sliger Data Center.  This will improve our ability to keep services online during power outages and extreme weather events (e.g. hurricanes).  The only production system that remains in the Dirac server room is our Lustre storage system, which we plan to retire later this year.