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HPC Scheduler Problems

We are experiencing some problems with our job scheduler; it is running but will not/very sporadically accept new jobs and will timeout when you try to access job information (for example, with checkjob). Running jobs will not be impacted.

It looks like this is not a very obvious problems (most of the administrative commands timeout, so diagnosing is difficult), it looks like their might be a problem with the communication between the resource manager and the scheduler. We are trying everything possible to get this working.

Condor Enhancements and Job Submission Changes

Starting today, we have enabled the ability to submit and manage Condor jobs from the HPC Login nodes. This will provide several benefits:

Welcome, Terry Ward!

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our team, Terry Ward.

Terry has 43 years of experience working in systems administration, mostly in large data center environments. His experience encompasses a broad range of IT activities, including system architecture, network management, and software development.

Terry will join our support team, and will take over a number of critical systems management tasks, including HPC scheduler management and storage operations.

MATLAB 2014b Released

We have upgraded to the latest version of MATLAB, version 2014b!

Along with this upgrade come a number of bug fixes, enhancements, and upgrades. For a full changelog, refer to the official release notes.

Of importance to us:

Spear and Condor RESTORED

UPDATE (Jan 24 - 2:30pm)

Condor and Spear are back online. The power is on in Dirac, and the cooling system is functional. Thank you for being patient while we waited for the electricians to resolve the issue.

Calling for Research Publications

RCC needs your help to collect citations for research publications that you have generated

RCC Closed for Winter Break

As a reminder, FSU will be closed for the Winter holiday, starting tomorrow, Dec 24 though Jan 4. We will re-open on January 5.

During this break, our systems will remain online and functional. RCC staff will respond to any critical support requests sent to support@rcc.fsu.edu as soon we are able. All non-critical support requests will be answered when we return on January 5, 2015.

On behalf of the staff here at the RCC, we wish you a fun, festive, and high-performance holiday!

Network Maintenance - Dec 18

On Thursday, December 18 from 6am until 8am EST, we will conduct maintenance on the primary network switch that serves our data center in the Dirac Science Library.

New Storage System Enables BIGDATA Sharing

Researchers at major Florida universities can now share data faster and easier than ever with a recently deployed new state-wide storage system. This system implemented as an initiative from the the Sunshine State Education and Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA) uses DDN's Web Object Storage technology. RCC's NoleStor system is part of this new state-wide network.

NoleStor Upgrade/Maintenance

We will be upgrading our NoleStor storage system this Friday, November 14, from 9am until 1pm. This means that the system will be offline during that time, including:

  • NoleStor OwnCloud clients
  • All NoleStor NFS mounts on servers

The upgrade will provide stability upgrades and bugfixes to the storage system.

If you have any questions or any issues with this schedule, please let us know: support@rcc.fsu.edu