News Items

  • Storage System Updated

    We've updated our storage system, and increased our storage throughput by 40x.  Additionally, we are making SFTP, RSYNC, and SCP available to our Archival Systems from FSU Campus

  • Updates on Sliger Renovation

    Our Sliger Renovation Project is moving forward.  We are planning two outages in Summer, 2019 to accomdoate equipment upgrades.  We are also going to be physically moving most customer racks on the server room floor.

  • Recent HPC Cluster Upgrades

    We recently installed 40 new nodes in the HPC.  This increased the cluster by 1600 cores (80 processors).  Peak cluster performance is now 266 TeraFlops!

  • GPU Compute Node Performance Improvments

    We are replacing the network cards in all of our HPC GPU nodes with 10Gpfs fibre cards.  This will increase throughput to the storage system, and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

  • Sliger Data Center Upgrades Coming

    Changes and upgrades are coming to the Sliger Data Center.  To facilitate these, some tenants will be moving, and there will be some outages for power upgrades in the coming year.

  • Recent Software Upgrades

    During our recently completedl August maintenance, we upgraded over 400 software packages on the HPC and Spear.  Check out the full list.

  • Storage Migration to GPFS Complete

    Our migration to the GPFS storage system is now complete.  This new system replaces and consolidates the Lustre and PanFS storage systems.  We appreciate everybody's help making the process go smoothly.

  • HPC and Spear software upgrade will occur in August

    This August, we will perform periodic maintenance on our HPC and Spear clusters.  There will be some brief downtime.  This maintenance will allow us to upgrade all of the software on our cluster to newer versions and more.

  • We've added new GPU nodes to the HPC

    An increasing number of scientific libraries and tools are taking advantage of the processing capabilities of modern GPUs.  To meet this demand, we have increased the number of GPU nodes on the HPC.  These nodes are general access available to all HPC users.

  • Data Center Update - Funding Committed for Sliger Renovation

    We are pleased to announce that funding has been allocated by the division of Finance and Administration to perform upgrades and renovations to our data center in the Sliger Building.