The Research Computing Center at Florida State University enables research and education by maintaining a diverse campus cyberinfrastructure and by providing training opportunities and dedicated consulting. We operate as a unit of Information Technology Services to support cutting-edge, university-wide research. Our goal is to lower barriers to computing and data storage resources so that our faculty and students can focus on research and education.

What We Offer

News and Announcements

  • Introducing NoleStor

    NoleStor is a brand new general-purpose, cloud-based file system that makes it easy to access and share research data.

  • Welcome Bin Chen!

    We are excited to welcome our newest team member, Bin Chen, PhD. Dr. Chen joins our team as an applications specialist.

Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Linux Workshop

    Jun 5
    Jun 12
    Jun 19
    Jun 26

    Our "Introduction to Linux" series is a free, four-part interactive workshop that provides a pragmatic introduction to Linux and the command line. The workshop enables users to begin interacting with the shell and using Linux in day-to-day environments, such as the RCC.

  • Introduction to MPI Programming

    Jul 10
    Jul 17
    Jul 24
    Jul 31

    Our "Introduction to Parallel Programming using MPI" series is a free, four-part interactive workshop that aims to provide a basic introduction to parallel programming using Message Parsing Interface (MPI). This will enable users with basic (serial) programming experience using Fortran or C to scale their applications over many compute cores to take full advantage of RCC resources. We will also discuss parallelization techniques and debugging of parallel codes.