The Research Computing Center at Florida State University enables research and education by maintaining a diverse campus cyberinfrastructure and by providing training opportunities and dedicated consulting. We operate as a unit of Information Technology Services to support cutting-edge, university-wide research. Our goal is to lower barriers to computing and data storage resources so that our faculty and students can focus on research and education.

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  • HPC Scheduler Problems

    We are experiencing some problems with our job scheduler; it is running but will not/very sporadically accept new jobs and will timeout when you

  • Condor Enhancements and Job Submission Changes

    Starting today, we have enabled the ability to submit and manage Condor jobs from the HPC Login nodes. This will provide several benefits:

Upcoming Events

  • Intro to Linux Workshop

    Mar 19

    This event is a free, hands-on, interactive workshop that provides a pragmatic introduction to GNU/Linux and the command line (CLI).