Oversight & Governance

The Executive Committee oversees the Management board, which potentially oversees the High Performance Computing, Education and Outreach, Data and Analytics, and Health and Clinical advisory committees.

The Research Computing Center operates as an academic service unit of Information Technology Services (ITS). It is directed by an Executive Committee and supported by the Management Board and Potential Advisory Committees.

Executive Committee

The Research Technology Executive Committee shall serve as the chief advisory board for research technology at FSU.  The Executive Committee shall provide strategic direction and oversight for the Management Board and its various subcommittees. They shall set priorities and balance desired improvements with available funding.

They shall be the charged with the following:

  • Find / advocate for funding for research technology and research computing in particular.
  • Provide guidance on external collaboration.
  • Remove obstacles from growth and expansion of research computing.
  • Approve annual budget / proposed investment over existing funding levels.
  • Provide feedback on the performance of the Chief Technology Officer and the Director of the RCC.
  • Approve structural decisions such as new leadership positions, eliminating or creating programs, etc.


  • Stacey Patterson, Interim Vice President for Research
  • Suvranu De, Dean of the College of Engineering
  • Sam Huckaba, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rick Burnette, Associate Vice President, Interim CIO
  • Bobby Sprinkle, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jay Terry, Provost Representative
  • Scott Stagg, Management Board Chair

The Management Board will select a chair from the faculty members.  The Board will determine what membership terms and rotations will be starting in the second year.

It is envisioned that the Board will need to meet frequently at its inception to provide oversight in the creation of new policies, investment, and strategies.  After establishment of appropriate policies and procedures, the Board shall meet at the discretion of the members.

Management Board

The Management Board shall provide strategic direction for research technology services to the Executive Committee and direct support to the RCC for capacity planning and recommendations involving enhancements to research technology support.  The Board shall work to actively ensure alignment across central and distributed service providers.  Board members are expected to represent their discipline and further discuss the best interests of the institution and RCC in furtherance of research at FSU.

Their activities will include:

  • Identify and approve infrastructure, staff, and resource allocation in RCC for support of research technology and consulting services.
  • Recommend 3rd party software licenses.
  • Recommend subsidies and the apportionment of costs for users.
  • Approve usage and scheduling policies for the cluster.
  • Provide requirements on usage reporting and user interfaces.
  • Incentivize researchers to use appropriate data storage and processing facilities.


 Disciplinary Rep/Role   Seats  Representatives
  • Management Chair
  • Scott Stagg, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  •  Health and Life Sciences
  • Scott Stagg, Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Michelle Arbeitman, Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience 
  •  Physical Sciences 
  • Eric Chassignet, EOAS and COAPS
  • Harrison Prosper, Physics 
  •  Engineering
  • Kourosh Shoele, Mechanical Engineering
  • Vacant
  •  Computational and Data Science 
  • Zhe He, School of Information
  • Adrian Barbu, Statistics
  •  Social Sciences and Humanities 
  • Yaacov Petscher, College of Social Work
  • Tarez Graban, English 
  •  Director of RCC
  •  CTO for FSU ITS
  •  Library Representative 
  • Paul van der Mark
  • Bobby Sprinkle
  • Devin Soper