Parallel Computing w/MATLAB

The workshop allows users to begin working with the parallel computing toolbox in MATLAB to speed up their computations and scale them up to larger systems.

We will cover the basic concepts of Parallel Programming in context of the parallel programming constructs made available in MATLAB by the parallel computing toolbox.  In addition, we will show several simple real-world applications.

How to Prepare

Attendees should have a copy of MATLAB available on their personal computer, along with the Parallel Computing Toolbox.  Both are available from the ITS using the following procedure:

  1. Visit the MATLAB information page on the ITS website:
  2. Click on "Request this Service" and follow the instructions under "Personal Use"

Alternatively, if you don't have MATLAB on your home computer, then you may use one of RCC's workshop accounts.  A limited number of these will be available as well for those who do not already have MATLAB available to them through some other means.  If you would like to request a temporary account, please send a request before the date of the workshop to


Alex Townsend (profile)