Spear - Things to Know

There are a few things to keep in mind when running applications in the Spear cluster:

Spear is not for long-running, non-interactive jobs

Users may not submit long-running, non-interactive jobs. RCC staff may kill any job that interferes with other users' ability to interact with the system. If you have a long running job, please use the HPC Cluster.

Process time is limited to 8 hours per process.  You can view additional limits by running ulimit -a.

Each user is limited to two active connections

You may only have two simultaneous sessions on the Spear cluster at any time.

Scheduled System Maintenance

The Spear cluster may be unavailable each Monday between 7am and 9am for maintenance.

Dedicated Access

Users may request dedicated access to the Spear Cluster for the purpose of testing and benchmarking software. Dedicated access periods coincide with our scheduled system maintenance.