Connecting to NoleStor

This page describes how to connect and use the NoleStor storage platform. All RCC users have access to 5 GB of free storage space. You have the option of purchasing more storage if you would like to.


To get started, see the Connecting section below. For more comprehensive documentation about the Web, desktop, mobile, and WebDAV interfaces, refer to the official OwnCloud Documentation. Note: NoleStor does not implement the calendar, contacts, or bookmarks functionality of OwnCloud.


There are several ways to connect:

  • Web Interface
  • OwnCloud Desktop Client
  • OwnCloud Mobile App
  • WebDAV
  • NFS Mount (Available on-request only)

Web Interface Connect

The web interface is ideal for quickly accessing NoleStor data from any web browser, and sharing data in NoleStor with collaborators.

To use the Web interface, simply login with your RCC credentials at

OwnCloud Desktop Client Download Client

The OwnCloud desktop client is ideal for seamlessly and transparently synchronize data between workstations and NoleStor

To install the desktop client:

  1. Download the appropriate package for your operating system from
  2. During setup, specify for the server address and your RCC credentials when asked.

OwnCloud Mobile Client Android iOS

The OwnCloud mobile client is available for iOS and Android platforms. Note that the client costs 99 cents on both platforms. The mobile client is ideal for accessing your NoleStor data and uploading data to NoleStor from your mobile device.

To install the mobile client:

  1. Find the official "OwnCloud client" application in the App Store on your phone.
  2. During setup, specify for the server address and your RCC credentials when asked.


The WebDAV interface is ideal for seamlessly working with data stored in NoleStor on your desktop without having to synchronize it, and for mounting NoleStor on servers and other devices where the data should be persistently mounted.

To use WebDAV on Mac:

  1. In the Finder, choose Go > “Connect to Server.
  2. In the Server Address field, enter
  3. When prompted, enter your RCC credentials.
  4. NoleStor will appear as an icon on your desktop.

To use WebDav on Windows:

  1. If you are on Windows 7 (skip this step for Windows 8):
    1. From the "Control Panel", click "System and Security", then "Administrative Tools", then "Services"
    2. Scroll down to WebClient, set the service to Automatic, and then click Apply.
    3. If the service is not already running, click Start.
    4. Click OK to close the Control Panel.
  2. From the "My Computer" window, click "Map Network Drive"
  3. Choose any drive letter you like.
  4. In the Folder field, enter
  5. Click "Finish"
  6. When prompted, enter your RCC credentials.
  7. NoleStor will appear as a drive in the "My Computer" window.

To use WebDav on Ubuntu (13.10+):

  1. From the Nautilus File Manager, click the "Files" drop down menu, then "Connect to Server"
  2. In the Server Address box, enter davs://
  3. When prompted, enter your RCC credentials.
  4. NoleStor will appear in the Nautilus folder list under the "Network" subheading.

NFS Mount

The NFS mount option is ideal for mounting NoleStor on a server in the case that WebDAV will not work.

To use the NoleStor NFS interface, contact RCC. We will evaluate your request and determine if NFS is the appropriate protocol for your use-case.