About Us

The FSU Research Computing Center provides the FSU research community with computational resources to enable scientific research.


The RCC Mission is to:

  1. Support multidisciplinary research
  2. Provide a general access computing platform
  3. Encourage cost-sharing by departments with dedicated computing needs
  4. Provide a broad base of support and training opportunities


The Research Computing Center (RCC) operates within Florida State University as an academic service unit of Information Technology Services (ITS). This unique partnership enables the RCC to leverage university ITS infrastructure and places the RCC in a position to support university-wide research.

The RCC Director oversees the professional staff and students responsible for maintaining core systems and supporting specific research domain projects. The director has an academic affiliation with at least one academic unit and operates at the level of the unit head to give this person a vantage over research computing activities taking place at Florida State. The director reports to the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) and has a permanent position on the IT Governance Council.

To maintain the Center’s focus on research, the activities of the RCC are reviewed annually by an Executive Board composed of the CIO, Vice President of Research, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and RCC Director (Ex Officio). Advisory panels, such as the High-Performance Computing (HPC) Advisory Panel, are created at the discretion of the Executive Board to help the RCC director prioritize activities related to research and education.